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The competition for the 2019 edition if the Festival is now closed. It is no longer possible to open a session.

2019 Festival | Call for proposals


Welcome to the module for proposals for the 2019 International Garden Festival

The competition is over.
Thanks to the 153 participants.
The results will be announced soon.

To submit your application, you must first register.
The upload module will be up and running in the next few days.

Deadline: Thursday, December 20, 2018 before 5 pm EST

Press Release

Photos of the Festival Site

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You can view photos of the Festival gardens in our Photo library as well as the proposals received for 2018.

20th Anniversary Edition of the International Garden Festival
Presented from June 22 to October 6, 2019

For its 20th anniversary edition, the Festival is seeking to explore new directions and continue our exploration of play. “Terrains de jeu” is fertile ground for creativity, encompassing both the notion of compact space and play. The Festival is encouraging designers to imagine spaces that work within the confines of modest parcels all the while offering a big punch.

Confronting the planetary challenges of needing to limit growth, developing sustainably and minimizing our ecological impact, the 2019 Festival is a venue where designers will explore the principals of voluntary simplicity all the while offering a footprint for fun. The interactive spaces chosen through this competition will excite, enthrall or envelop visitors. They will be child-friendly without being childish, adventurous without being unsafe. Explore, experiment and celebrate – this is the effect we want the 2019 Festival to have on every one of our 60,000 visitors.

Applicants are limited to one proposal, either as individuals or multidisciplinary team. The Festival encourages participants to form multidisciplinary teams to include a landscape architect, architect, artist, designer, engineer, horticulturist, botanist, teacher, scientist, etc. The objective is to favour an approach that encompasses various design disciplines and expertise from various quarters.

For the 20th edition of the Festival, we will be launching a parallel program for young designers in their twenties (‘la vingtaine’) to curate and create a series of experimental landscapes that will be built and developed over the summer months as part of a creative camp. This competition will also be open to students studying in design, environment or other fields. Details on this initiative will be distributed in November.   

Books on the International Garden Festival

The publication Experimenting Landscapes: Testing the Limits of the Garden by Emily Waugh was launched in October at the Frankfurt Book Fair by Birkhäuser. Experimenting Landscapes: Testing the Limits of the Garden focuses on the Métis International Garden Festival in Québec, Canada, which has presented more than 150 temporary gardens at the cutting edge of garden design and environmental art since 2000. Despite its remote location, the Festival has attracted more than 1 million visitors to experience the work of both emerging design practices and renowned designers such as Diana Balmori, Claude Cormier, Ken Smith, Snøhetta, Topotek 1 or Michael Van Valkenburgh.

Published in 2007, the book Hybrids - Reshaping the Contemporary Garden in Métis is an overview of the first 7 editions of the Festival with contributions by 22 designers who participated in the event.

Send us an email if you wish to purchase them.